Hiring a VA

Hiring a VA especially for first timers can be scary, Trusting a stranger with parts of your business can be quite worrisome but completely natural.

At the same time however, hiring a VA can be one of the best business decisions you can make. Just imagine all of the time you could free up by not having to worry about your social media, content creation or other admin tasks. Imagine how much time will be available to spend on what matters the most and really help grow your business further.It would be unfortunate to miss out on such an opportunity just because of concerns that are completely unnecessary.

Here are some common concerns on hiring a VA and reasons to help you overcome those fears:

1, PRIVATE/CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION: This is perhaps the biggest concerns people have when hiring a VA but can be remedied very easily. It can be worrying to share lots of personal details with someone who, in the beginning, is a complete stranger. In the beginning of the contract, a non-disclosure agreement can and should be signed by both parties, This ensures the VA is bound by law, not to share any private information regarding yourself or your business with any other person or business, unless instructed to do so. another way to remedy this is by simply giving out tasks that involves information that are not considered sensitive.

Access of social media accounts, mails, websites and so on, can be granted without giving out passwords or can simply be changed on completion of task.

2, EFFICIENCY: You may feel a VA cannot be as efficient as yourself.VA’s are usually first degree holders who are fully trained and experienced in a number of areas.For example, the least qualification of all Manoma VA’s is first degree as indicated in the About us page. therefore, be rest assured that VA’s carry out required tasks professionally and of a high standard.At the point of consultation, qualification background should be discussed as well as preferences, and report methods, etc.

3, TIME MANAGEMENT & DELIVERY: When you first hire a VA, it is normal to be anxious about the fact that the VA is actually working on your project at a particular time as agreed,to ease your mind,you can request the VA use a project management tool like Trello, Asana, Slack etc so you can log in and see what they’re working on that particular day or time, what has been completed or what hasn’t.A time tracking tool, like Toggl, can also be used to keep track of the time the VA is spending on your tasks. The VA will ensure that the times will be labelled clearly to reflect what was done for that certain amount of time, this will help you confirm that the VA is spending the actual time your being charged for incase you are worried about being overcharged.

4, INVESTMENT WORTH: Often times,people feel hiring a VA isn’t worth the investment.A VA can help you free up a large amount of time, allowing you concentrate on important aspects of your business. By outsourcing tasks to a VA you’ll have time to concentrate on sales and profits meaning in the long run, you’ll be earning more than what you’ll be paying a VA. Also, not only will your VA carry out the tasks that you need help with, but they can also set up processes and systems which will save you lots of time in the future as well.

5, BUSINESS REPUTATION: Business owners are often terrified that their reputation that they have worked so hard to build could be destroyed by a careless VA. It’s a valid point if you share too much in the beginning. Give appropriate work and level of responsibility as you work with your VA. Don’t hand over your bank details and ATM cards on the first day. If you hired someone to create a social media presence for you, keep permissions to post before the VA sends something out that you don’t approve of. Over time you’ll build trust and know when to give more authority.

Hopefully you can see that hiring a VA isn’t as risky as you thought. Hiring a VA can really help your business to grow, not to mention ease stress off your shoulders.

However, if you’re still a little unsure,discuss in details with your VA any further concerns you may have and I’m sure you’ll see your fear of hiring a VA is just Ridiculous.

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