About Us

Virtual Assistants in Portharcourt


We are a team of professional virtual assistants in portharcourt, We provide breakthrough business solutions by providing capable, readily, available manpower in various professions at very affordable rates and flexible working durations.


We strive to bridge the gap between large businesses and small businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals.


We do this by creating employment opportunities, for mostly hardworking professional women (but not limited to)who desire to be gainfully employed and financially stable.

Our services and resources are available to individuals, businesses and entrepreneurs at very affordable rates, as well as very flexible engagement durations.


Our services can be hired on either daily, weekly, monthly basis or more, whichever way to soothe the needs of various organisations and individuals.   


We ensure that our clients get the best services, therefore, we are constantly training our employees and constantly working and improving on our services.


Our mission is to create an environment where businesses as well as individuals can access quality professional services, needed to carry out their essential day to day activities, without employing full time individuals, who should be on the organisation’s payroll. And also create an environment, where well trained individuals can provide these organisations and individuals with their professional services, from any location of their choice(without being physically present at the organisations physical address) but still delivering same, or better quality of service at an agreed amount.


All our services are based on popular demands but are not limited to them, As we also create custom packages that are not featured in our services -shop, as well as custom single services.


We also partner with other organisations and individuals who provide the same services as we do.


We ensure that all our clients can easily, always, freely monitor progress on contracted tasks and well as lay complaints through our customer relations channel.